Chris Hovde

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Chris Hovde, is an urban monk who is passionate about his purpose to make people and robots fight together for a better society. His core values is to live integrative, equal and authentic. 

He has broad business experience from various leadership positions and HR in large international companies such as Telia, IKEA and Varner Group, as well as the former CEO of an Oslo based healthcare clinic called Balder. He has been nominated for a number of awards for for his young leadership talent and online presence. 

He is currently working as Global People Movement Lead at Telia Company, Chairman of the Board of Future Leaders Global and is the Founder of Regenerative Monks where he is an active speaker, community builder, facilitator, mentor, coach and advisor for everything from startups, to business leaders and youth.

He is educated within Retailing Management from BI, management theories from NHH, an Executive Master in Management and a master’s program in Digital Transformation and Leadership from Oslo MET. He was born in Skien and raised in Drammen and Bergen. He now lives in Oslo.

Torstein Martinsen

Torstein is one of the facilitators in our Radical Mediations. He has practised TM and Vipassana meditation for 6 years, as well as many other similar techniques to optimize his state of being. In 2019 he travelled to India, to learn more about meditation and practise with some of the most experienced meditators in the world.

His 2 times a day meditation practise has been one of the greatest gifts, transforming his life into what it is today. He is eager to share this amazing tool to as many people as possible, hoping it will benefit the people he meet as much as it has for him.

kjersti Katrine Halvorsen

Kjersti is the organiser for Conscious Dinners in Tønsberg.

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