Conscious Dinners

Every week since February 2019, we have invited new and old friends to connect together around a vegan meal at our humble jungle home, to reflect on how we can put our efforts together to co-create a more conscious world. Realizing that we can accomplish so much more together.

We know that in Oslo where we live, 1/5 feels lonely, even if they have a lot of people around them. More and more people are waking up, trying to find the bigger meaning of their lives and somewhere to belong. Tired of the consumerism, capitalism, they way we treat our planet and our people, and with the fact that many of us are walking through life on autopilot. Wanting to find their own authenticity and purpose, not living their lives as others expect, but the way they are ment to be lived. To their fullest potential.

We realized the need for people to meet around deep and meaningful conversations, where everyone is welcome, where there is no talk about status, positions or accomplishments, but rather talks about how we all can use our strengths in order to co-create a more conscious world. Where you can speak freely about what evers on your heart, where you can be your authentic self and where we can be there for each others. To support, grow and co-create.

What better place to create an atmosphere for this, than our humble home? The place where we usually find peace, harmony and tend to recharge our selves. The most personal space we have is our homes, that’s why we want to invite you to this space. Because we want to get personal. Realizing that getting together around a meal and opening up for deep meaningful conversations by asking open powerful questions, give us all learnings and inspire us to more action. We need less talk and more action. We need it now.

So if you want to co-create a more conscious world together with our team. Dont hesitate to contact us for a seat at one of our upcoming weekly ConsciousDinners, at the bottom of this page. We are hosting dinners both in Oslo and Tønsberg.

If you want to become a host in your hometown, we would love to welcome you to our team.

Lets co-create a more conscious world. Dinner by dinner.