We are happy to serve in boards which aligns with our purpose and values.

We have served in boards like Future Leaders Global, PF Network for Innovation, The Parents Promise, Vibbio, The Young Leaders of the year, The Norwegian Leadership conference and House of Art.

We mentor companies, leaders and individuals that want to contribute to a more regenerative world.

We have served as mentors in the following mentoring programs: Young Entrepreneurship, Leadership Foundation, Catalysts, PF Innovation Network, Nova, Young Ambassadors, Guttas Campus, Oslo European Green City og Pangea Accelerator Program.

We coach startup founders, executives and youth that wish to fulfill their true authentic potential.

If you are curious about us serving as a coach for you, you have probably heard of us from one of the individuals we have coached along our way. Are you the next one?

We will gladly share our knowledge, experience or skills with you on topics that lights our fire. If you found us, you probably know.

We have served by doing hundres of keynotes, panels and workshops for students, startups, companies and NGOs.

We believe in giving back to our society and set off a large portion of our time to volunteer for those who are in need.

We have served as volunteers for NGOs, elderly, refugees and minors and are constantly looking for new opportunities to give back.

We are always ready to serve, and look forward to hear from you. Yes you!