Radical Meditation

I was going to quit the program, as I couldn’t even sit still for five minutes, and we were asked to sit still for five hours. Today I’m very glad I didn’t quit and challenged myself to finish the training I was undertaking. It has changed my life for the better.

I first saw the real benefits of meditation when I finished an 8-week program of Mindfulness Stressbased Reduction Program. The last day our exam was 5 hours of silence. The training was led by one of the doctors in the clinic where I was a CEO some years ago. Reading up on the research, talking to the doctors and other trainers, witnessing patients improve their life quality, and experiencing it firsthand, made me embark on my meditation journey.

Now, after years of practicing several hours a day and topping it off with monthly one day courses and co-hosting yearly 10-day trainings, it all adds up to several thousands of hours of meditation. What those hours have done for me is more than I could ever imagine. I’ve become an urban monk. By that I mean living by a conscious philosophy and integrating it with our modern way of living. My life is radically changed for the better.

It gave me the chance to open my eyes and reevaluate crucial aspects of how I was living my life. By that I was forced to face myself, included facing those internal processes I had been running away from, including negative processes of thoughts, underlaying emotional pain and negative relations to myself and others.

As a result I chose to leave a destructive relationship. I changed my career path to impact the world instead of chasing money and status. I changed my perspective to live in the present, instead of future or past. I changed my inner voice to self-love instead of constant self-criticism. I stopped drinking alcohol. I started eating plant-based. I stopped flying. I moved to a smaller apartment and now I now possess only a minimum of what I need. I made more room for human relations and less room for things. I went from ego project to “wego” project. I try to live a sustainable life and found my purpose and core values. I embrace life’s many colors as I found my own path and am now taking more conscious decisions that lead me step by step in the direction I always longed for.

In our Radical Meditation we want to give you the experience of how five hours of meditation feels like, so you can truly see the benefit and be inspired to continue your practice on your own. Maybe this is the kickstart you need to radically change your life for the better. We call it radical meditation. 

Are you in?

Heres the agenda for our Radical meditations:

1: Welcome and conversation around why we all are here?
2: Meditation (45 minutes)
3: Short break to stretch your legs
4: Meditation (45 minutes)
5: Break to eat some nutritious food
6: Meditation (45 minutes)
7: Short break to stretch your legs
8: Meditation (45 minutes)
9: Sharing our experience and goodbye for now!

Remember to bring your preferred pillow to sit on, a blanket and some nutritious food of your choice for the longer break. We will provide you with fresh fruits, nuts, water and tea.