Radical Meditation

I was going to quit the program, as I couldn’t even sit still for five minutes, and we were asked to sit still for five hours. Today I’m very glad I didn’t quit and challenged myself to finish the training I was undertaking. It has changed my life for the better.

I first saw the real benefits of meditation when I finished an 8-week program of Mindfulness Stressbased Reduction Program. The last day our exam was 5 hours of silence. The training was led by one of the doctors in the clinic where I was a CEO some years ago. Reading up on the research, talking to the doctors and other trainers, witnessing patients improve their life quality, and experiencing it firsthand, made me embark on my meditation journey.

Now, after years of practicing several hours a day and topping it off with monthly one day courses and co-hosting yearly 10-day trainings, it all adds up to several thousands of hours of meditation. What those hours have done for me is more than I could ever imagine. I’ve become an urban monk. By that I mean living by a conscious philosophy and integrating it with our modern way of living. My life is radically changed for the better.

It gave me the chance to open my eyes and reevaluate crucial aspects of how I was living my life. By that I was forced to face myself, included facing those internal processes I had been running away from, including negative processes of thoughts, underlaying emotional pain and negative relations to myself and others.

As a result I chose to leave a destructive relationship. I changed my career path to impact the world instead of chasing money and status. I changed my perspective to live in the present, instead of future or past. I changed my inner voice to self-love instead of constant self-criticism. I stopped drinking alcohol. I started eating plant-based. I stopped flying. I moved to a smaller apartment and now I now possess only a minimum of what I need. I made more room for human relations and less room for things. I went from ego project to “wego” project. I try to live a sustainable life and found my purpose and core values. I embrace life’s many colors as I found my own path and am now taking more conscious decisions that lead me step by step in the direction I always longed for.

The brilliant Transformational Coach and Mind Architect Torstein Martinsen is joining us as a co-host, here is his story:

In 20 years, I strived to be a high performer in most areas of my life, despite that it didn’t give me any kind of inner peace, tranquillity or mental freedom. Locked in my own mental prison, I didn’t appreciate what I had, never took the time to pause and I was a goalhunting machine – checking of goal after goal. Caught up in my own mind, I believed that by reaching the next one, it would give me the feeling and happiness I was chasing. Surely, I was wrong. Achieving goals, both material and financial, provided me nothing but a short and temporary satisfaction. At the time, I didn’t know any other way, I was totally addicted, it was my heroin.

I didn’t dare to face the truth, the fact that I was afraid of my own thoughts and what might emerge from my unconscious mind if I took the time to stop and reflect.

The fear of the fear itself chased me like a hyena chasing a rabbit. The fear of not being good enough, fear of failure and that the world would see my true self – the imposter and looser that I was. Almost in desperation, by trying to keep my fears at a distance, I had an intense work schedule, trained hard every day and partied like a mad man for many years. But my inner voice was always criticising, reminding me of what a looser I was and that happiness is to gain more of everything – the trick of the ego mind.

I achieved what many people might define as success, being a leader in a global company, having 2 healthy kids, a big house and a great body.

Many people put me on a pedestal calling me superhuman for my accomplishments.

But it was all external. I never got recognition from the one I needed it the most, myself.

I had mixed up being successful with happiness.

Every year, I was pushing myself harder, chasing that external happiness, only to find myself in despair and a feeling of hopelessness. After a breakdown in 2010, I started my transformational journey, dedicating all my efforts and energy to find that real happiness and to find meaning and purpose in life.

In 2015 I discover a unique tool that anyone can learn and master regardless of age, mental level, location or financial status – Meditation.

Meditation is simplicity at its core level, yet incredibly powerful.

It guided me to the inner peace I had been looking for all these years, it became my superpower! Now I can perform at an even higher level and at the same time be at peace with myself.

I have practised TM and Vipassana meditation for 6 years, as well as many other similar techniques to optimize my state of being. In 2019 I travelled to India, learning more about meditation, and practising with some of the most experienced meditators in the world.

My 2 times a day meditation practise has been one of the greatest gifts, transforming my life into what it is today. I want to share this amazing tool to as many people as possible, hoping it will benefit the people I meet as much as it has for me.

Together we want to give you the experience of how five hours of meditation feels like, so you can continue your practice on your own. Maybe this will be the kickstart you need to radically change your life for the better. We call it radical meditation. 

Are you in?

Heres the agenda for our Radical meditations:

1: Welcome and conversation around why we all are here?
2: Meditation (45 minutes)
3: Short break to stretch your legs
4: Meditation (45 minutes)
5: Break to eat some nutritious food
6: Meditation (45 minutes)
7: Sharing our experience and goodbye for now!

Remember to bring your preferred pillow to sit on, a blanket and some nutritious food of your choice for the longer break. We will provide you with fresh fruits, nuts, water and tea.