2018 – The year of radical changes!

This year has definitly been the year of radical changes, those big ups and downs, and the first time for many things in my life.

Its time to sum up the year and be greatfull for all the people we have met along our way and everything we have achieved together this year. Here are some of my highlights looking back:

1: Started of the year by undertaking Oxford Selfmanaging Leadership training which ended up in a concrete actionplan for the life that I want to live in order to make People & Robots fight together for a better society.

2: Started up our new global virtual team set up, and I am so greatfull for the journey we have been on, ramping up our employee experience across all markets, taking Leadership and selfleadership to the next level, hiring a lot of robots, aiming to create the most engaged people in the industry and beeing the frontrunners in our digital transformation. We got aknowledged for our work in many areas like Sustainability, Employer Branding and Customer Service to mention a few. So excited about what 2019 will bring for us, as we just tuned our setup even more before Christmas.

3: Continued with promising myself to never touch a drop of alcohol in my life ever again.

4: Ramped up my exerciseroutine to work out every day.

5: Had my last great months out of 7 years with the worlds best boyfriend Mikael Angell, and I am greatfull that we can continue as friends.

6: Cheered on a lot of great entrepreneurs and startups like Marius Røed Wang and Christoffer Omberg, and through Telia YOUNITE we helped even more startups and NGOs to grow.

7: Met a lot of inspiring people like Barack Obama, people at Singularity Summit and a lot of my closest friends that remind me that we should never stop believing in ourselves, dreaming big and believe that we can make change in this world.

8: Went to India to live like a munk, and that experience totally transformed my life. Continuing to meditate two hours every day.

9: Sold one and bought another apartement. Refurbished both, so believe Im getting a bit more handyskills as we go.

10: Continuing my life on my own and first time living by myself ever and taking actions to live like a minimalist. Getting munk for real one step at the time.

11: Spent som serious time with people who matters to me. Family, friends and new people who I want to have in my life. Im gratefull for you all!

12: Travelled to foreign places like Sri Lanka, India, US, Portugal, Spain and Albania to recharge, get new perspectives and explore what the world has to offer.

13: Continuing to seriously fight for equality for all, here symbolised with a picture from the yearly Oslo Turban day. Im so proud that we in Telia Company work strategicly to improve diversity in our company, and we have a lot of exciting stuff on our agenda for 2019, to make it happen.

14: Had the pleasure to mentor and advice a bunch of superstars from youth to seniors and to speak at many great events sharing a lot of the cool stuff we are doing in Telia Company. So that we all share, care and contribute with our part in creating a better future together.

15: Experience the first death in our family in my lifetime. Made me feel greatfull for the close bonds we have in our family and the time we spend together.

16: Finished a new masterprogram in Digital Transformation and Leadership at Oslo Met. As I strongly believe that we all need to take actions in order to futurproof ourselves and our competence.

17: Ending the year having a microchip implanted in my hand and becoming Vegan for a better world and health.

Last but not least I have used this year to build up a great fundament for how I want to live all 365 days of 2019, not only the few special occations.

So I want to end this summary by encouraging you all to think about what you want to do to make every day count in 2019?

Wish you all a great start on yours!

Greetings from Albania.

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